The Aftermath of the Exposure

Published November, 2011 by vanessafraud

A few days ago, as you might know, I deciphered Vanessa Kachadurian as the new member of Goose Network member. Since then, I have been receiving commendation from various blogs supporting charter school movement in America including from this mysterious blogger. Even Dr. Kurt penned a brief article entitled “On Vanessa Kachadurian and Goose Network”. I am really honored to be mentioned by such a distinguished scholar.

As for Vanessa Kachadurian’s side, there was nothing new on the same day of my article and the next day. She was probably in shock for 48 hours. Then she started recovering. That can be seen in two ways:

First of all, after a 35-day absence (Were you dealing with your lawsuits Vanessa? Or were you on a vacation with the money you got from your bosses?) she decided to post on her Harmony Parent Truth blog. I checked if she has changed the inscription at the top of her blog, but no avail. She still claims that she served on the “Parent Association of a Harmony School in Texas”. I really wonder how you do that Vanessa while residing in Fresno, California. You graduated from a high school in Fresno and I doubt if you have ever been to Texas. Anyway, looks like my latest exposure has become a wake-up call for you and you started throwing your mud again. Welcome back…

The second reaction came from Ozgur Cengiz, the Turkish-looking guy, another fake account of Vanessa. I see that she made changes on the bio part of her profile adding some Turkish sentences. What is more, she tweeted in Turkish for the first time! See below.

I decided to make a double check of those Turkish sentences tweeted by Ozgur Cengiz, a.k.a. Vanessa Kachadurian, if they were proper or not. Let’s see how Google Translate translates those sentences. I began with the one at the bottom:

Turkish: Türk Eğitim Sistemi yenilgi kokusu seviyorum.Neden Amerikan Carlyle grubu Gülen Şartı Okullar satın alıyor.

English Translation: The smell of defeat, the Turkish Education System seviyorum.Neden American Carlyle Group is buying Gulen Charter Schools.


Turkish: Gülen Kiralama Okullar 60 dakika sürgünler segmenti

English Translation: Gulen Charter Schools 60 minutes segment of the shoots


Turkish: Gülen Hareketi tekrar özlüyor, parlak grup ne de güçlü değildir.Yahudi lobi için dışarı bakmak.

English Translation: Again misses the Gülen movement, nor the powerful değildir.Yahudi bright lobby group to look out for.

One word: horrible! I think that would do enough. The translations reveal that Ozgur’s (I mean Vanessa’s) Turkish is very broken. It is like Chinese merchants trying to speak English.

But, this also proves that there is no actual person in the name of Ozgur Cengiz, but Vanessa. She is the person behind silly Harmony Parent Truth blog as well as fake personality of Ozgur Cengiz on Twitter.

Keep posting Vanessa! You are not aware that you go down deeper as you post.


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