The Fraudulent Attacker of Harmony Public Schools

Published November, 2011 by vanessafraud

We, Harmony Schools Advocates, have been told by the owner of Harmony Parent blog that one of the attackers of Harmony Public Schools has been exposed by a blogger. After reading the things claimed by Harmony Parent and the blogger, we were very surprised. You can read Harmony Parent’s post and what the blogger found about this attacker.

To cut the long story short,  we will first briefly summarize what was found about this cyber attacker. Then we will relate you Harmony Parent’s experience about this attacker and then share our similar findings.

According to Harmony Parent, a blogger somehow discovered the true identity of the attacker who calls herself  a Harmony parent and runs several inflammatory and xenophobic blogs including “Harmony Parent Truth“. It turns out that this blogger does not live in Texas at all. She is originally from Armenia and a resident of Fresno, California. Not only does she operate several alarmist blogs, but she is the type of person who writes under all good news/articles/blogs about Harmony Public Schools. We were always wondering who could just write those huge number of comments and what could be the motivation behind the defamation of the top-performing charter schools in the nation. It is also funny that a California resident constantly writes defamatory things about some charter schools in Texas. The following picture and the paragraph were taken from Harmony Parent’s website, which beautifully summarizes the ignorance and the ill intentions of the attacker:

As a Harmony parent, I am happy on behalf of Harmony Schools and myself, because that person opened her blog after I opened mine under the name of “Harmony Parent”. She was claiming that she was exposing the alleged fraud at Harmony Schools, but now I suppose that what she secretly did was just the fraud itself. Besides, she doesn’t even know that at Harmony Schools, there are PTOs (Parent-Teacher Organizations) not “Parent Associations” as Turgay claims.

Harmony Parent is 100% right, because as you will see below, this attacker has no connection with Texas in any way and she is in deep ignorance even about the simplest facts of the Harmony Public Schools. She pretends to be a former Harmony Parent, but she is not even close to it. Therefore, we are concerned about the real motivations of such ill-intentioned attackers who daily keep false and hateful information about Harmony Public Schools.

Harmony Parent also goes on talking about the comments made to his/her blog by this attacker and a long list is where the user names and comments dates are given. On seeing this list, we also decided to take a close look at the comment section of our website if there were any similar ones and to our surprise we found two similar comments:

Ozgur Cengiz (@GooseNetworkUSA) ( Submitted on 2011/10/29 at 4:55 pm

Goose Bumps ( Submitted on 2011/09/05 at 12:01 am

Both IP numbers (we decided not to publish the IP numbers and the comments) belong to Fresno, California and the top comment as can be seen above was made just a few days ago. Notice that the user names are different from the one in Harmony Parent blog, but they look like each other. You can find the detailed information about these user names on that blogger’s website who revealed the true identity of the attacker of Harmony Public Schools.

We now know that this attacker is from Armenia and it is understandable that she might have experienced some historical problems with the Turks. That is why, she spends a lot of time to defame Harmony Public Schools just because there are several Turks working for Harmony Schools. Maybe for the very same reason, she was utilizing various odd labels for Harmony Public Schools such as Islamic Schools, Gulen Charter Schools or Turkish Schools. Harmony is none of them, but American charter schools that serve thousands of students in the state of Texas for more than a decade.

The claim that the attacker gets any financial assistance or not is not our concern; however as Harmony Schools Advocates, we believe that such settlements should be dealt with as part of the internal politics of the respective countries. We never claim that one party is wrong and the other is right, but what we are saying is that the charter schools, especially Harmony Public Schools, should not be the battleground of some ill-intentioned people who have historical or other types of ties with other nations. Therefore, it is essential that people keep their political, cultural, national and/or religious strife out of education. From now on, community members and stakeholders should be very careful when they read something defamatory about Harmony Public Schools.

Harmony Public Schools are one of the best schools in our nation and this fact is also confirmed by the Department of Education, who will provide almost $5 million to Harmony Public Schools in three years.

We have also learned that Harmony Public Schools became one of the candidates for the Broad Prize for the Charter Schools, a first-time award that will be presented one of the successful charters in Texas.

As Harmony Schools Advocates, we will continue to be the proud members of the top-performing charter schools in Texas.


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