Funny Tweets from Vanessa Kachadurian and Other Goose Network Members

Published November, 2011 by vanessafraud

Taken from Goose Network website.

First of all, I am glad that my findings about Vanessa Kachadurian enabled some positive reactions among the charter school supporters. I got positive feedback from some people I have never corresponded before. The common point of the feedback was the people’s wish to kick trickery people out of the field of education. Those trickery people like Vanessa Kachadurian need to deal with the adoption issues instead of 24/7 defamation.

I have been actively using my Twitter account in the last few days and I have witnessed sometimes funny and sometimes pathetic situations on the side of Goose Network members. Looks like Vanessa Kachadurian got very furious at my discovery about her. On her tweets, she first attempts to deny the fact she is operating behind all those blogs, later on she counter-attacks to me to the extent that she cusses and then writes very rude things. Hey Vanessa, try to keep a civil tongue in your head! By the way, Bill Thacker, Vanessa’s bosom friend also opened a Twitter account after I started using mine and he wrote his very first tweet to me! What an honor…

Let’s move step by step to see hilarious actions by “lofty” Goose Network members:

As can be seen above, Vanessa first begs me to stop using her name, because according to Vanessa there was another (!) person who was posing as her. Should I believe? Even a four-year-old kid would not believe this. Besides, this is what Vanessa did when she used her enemy’s name in some of her comments (see my first article about Vanessa). Then comes the confession part:

She tries to be sarcastic here, but she can’t even do that. When asked about giving Aland Mizell’s book to Congressman in California, she had to admit what she did:

There were more tweets between Vanessa and I, but you can check all these tweets by yourselves as long as they are not deleted.

She goes too far to claim that Dr. Kurt is her friend. I bet she has never seen Dr. Kurt in her life.

She first thinks that I am Muslim, and then claims that she has many “Islamic friends”. Remember, on Soda Head website, she was writing pages of defamatory comments about Islam. But she does not even know how to say “Muslim friend”, but says “Islamic friend”. Moreover, in the subsequent tweet she said “your English is bad”. Your English is poor for an Armenian who finished high school in Fresno, California.

As can be seen, she started cussing at me and she thinks that I am working at a school. Hey Vanessa! This is actually what you do everyday. Sitting at home and defaming, insulting and cussing people 24/7.

This is the part where Vanessa goes beyond the limits by speaking rude, but I did not give the expected or anticipated answer (the answer that should be given to such a person). I could have easily silenced Vanessa with one sentence (hint:”a photo of certain person”), but I didn’t do that. In my first article about Vanessa Kachadurian, I didn’t even publish her ads on a dating website where she tries to describe herself as a 40-year-old person (I still have the screenshots), because it is beyond proper behavior.

I might have deciphered the ugly face of Vanessa Kachadurian, but I never hacked her website or stole her information. All links in my first article about Vanessa can be found online. Everything is legal. That is why I am not scared of her.

Let’s move on to Bill Thacker. He opened a Twitter account and wrote his first tweet to me:

Check out his Twitter account, and you will see this as his first ever tweet unless he decides to delete it.

As can be seen above, Bill Thacker added a lot of “Anonymous” Twitter users so that they could attack or harass me. He claims that I am attacking free speech. I don’t attack anything poor Bill. I “decipher” the deceptive actions of people. Besides, I do not harass any women including Vanessa Kachadurian. As can be seen above, she harasses and cusses me.

Bill Thacker begs the anonymous guys to follow him, but it looks like nobody gives a flip to Bill. Right now, he is not followed by those guys. He wishes he could!

Anyway, my last a few days have been very funny thanks to these hilarious and pathetic tweets of Goose Network members.

I will keep you updated once they tweet more for me.

P.S: In her personal Twitter account Vanessa Kachadurian and some other Goose Network members are blocking me. Sorry guys, I did not mean to scare you so much!


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